Beyond Crystal: Baccarat x THG Kick off DDB Fall Market 2014

Decorators and designers alike occupied Baccarat’s showroom in the D&D building for one of the more noteworthy events of the DDB 2014 Fall Market launch. The combined forces of THG, Baccarat, and LUXE magazine fashioned a crowd of both established jewel-adorned socialites and fresh-faced industry newcomers.  Upon introduction by LUXE’s Arlyn Hernandez, keynote speaker Matthew Frederick sang praises to the harmonious marriage of two iconic French brands in the form of a new line of crystal bathroom fixtures.


One of the many grandiose chandeliers with which guests shared the space.

The layout of the Baccarat showroom mandated that guests mingle warily around a host of crystal presentations. “Hold your purse tightly to your body so that you don’t break anything in here”, one experienced partygoer explained to her plus one. Breathtaking chandeliers were suspended at eye level, commanding the attention of the audience and designating the flow of traffic. Guests sipped from Baccarat’s chateau crystal collection of flutes and tumblers– a refreshing contrast to the budget stemware we are most often treated to at similar events.

The reception opened to a grand (the grandest) chandelier that occupied a considerable portion of the main entrance. A myriad of melting blush colored candles decorated the floor space and complemented the colored crystal of the overhanging chandelier. I think that they were trying to be ironic with the juxtaposition of the two illuminating sources. I liked it.