Designing a Jewel Box Kitchen

St. Charles designer Ron Krieb joined forces with architect Greg Melitonov of Taller KEN to transform every square inch of a passageway in a small West Village apartment into a radiant galley kitchen.

The client required a multi-functional kitchen that was to be used often, so practicality was as pertinent as aesthetic design.


“To give the illusion of more space, like a pass-through kitchen, we used uninterrupted clear mirror for the back splash and mirrored backs for the upper glass cabinetry. Almost all the surfaces are dark and reflective so you never perceive the limits of the space and the logistical gymnastics are concealed behind the paneling.” Melitonov says about harmonizing the space-planning with the design.


The combination of textures and patterns – the grain of the Eucalyptus with the blue Tiger eye stone countertops – provides a lot of character and creates a sense of drama. The use of nickel trim in combination with many small points of light gives the surfaces a kind of glow.

The range was strategically placed by the window to allow for proper ventilation of the kitchen space.


When sunlight hits the black splash, the whole kitchen sparkles.

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