Four Essential Kitchen Items


Some of us find the kitchen to be our haven at home. Others have passively demoted its functional purpose to that of a storage unit (If there are currently cereal boxes in your oven, I’m talking to you). You don’t have to be a culinary connoisseur to understand the necessity of the kitchen area. We all have some semblance of a cooking space within the confines of our home, which is used for, at the very least, food and drink preparation (even if its take out). With that in mind, I have provided you a list of four essential items that will help you utilize your kitchen space, and maybe even your cooking skills.

Serious chef’s knives

Anyone and everyone who comes over will respect you for it. Porsche knives for the bachelor. Haiku originals for the culinary queen.

Porsche 301 Knives

Porsche type 301 knife sets

Wine glasses

You know when you order wine at a pub and they give you a cheap drinking glass? The concept of ordering the beverage suddenly feels fundamentally wrong. We may not even realize how accurately the glassware reflects the establishment. Pubs always have an appropriate beer mug, rendering the beverage choice a sound complement to the venue. So when you offer a glass of pinot noir to someone in your home, make sure your crystalware is wine bar material.

An oversized serving bowl.

A large bowl can be displayed year round as a decorative but functional item that elevates the look of your countertop, bar, table, etc. The larger the bowl, the more it purposeful it will be as an artistic accessory.  On any dining occasion, fill the bowl with your cuisine of choice and place it on the table as a focal point of the meal (Having a substantial amount of one food on the table alleviates the need for an array of smaller plates. It’s a cost effective alternative to tapas style dining).


Arte Italica large tuscan bowl. Pictured here with their Tesoro dinner plates.

Spice tray

Bear with me on this one. Spices are one thing that you will find useful, and be grateful for, every single time you cook.  Their long expiry date makes them a great purchase for the inconsistent cook, i.e. those of you who don’t necessarily gravitate toward the fresh herbs section of the grocery store. They take up a minimal amount of counter space and suffice as an inexpensive but notable ambiance enhancer.

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