It’s All in the Details

The Perfect Detail

Kitchens are such personal spaces they deserve really personal touches: something that makes a room truly one’s own, and one-of-a-kind. Why would you want anything less in a space that so often ends up being the hub of a house, whether it’s on a weekday morning or during holiday celebrations?

Lots of people can make a beautiful kitchen, but I’m interested in creating one that not only looks incredible, but feels even better —and that’s all about special touches and personalization.

Thankfully, I’ve got lots of help! I’m always on the hunt for really talented artisans and vendors to supply pieces for various projects, and getting to know how they work. I believe these collaborations are part of what makes St. Charles unique.

I recently completed two projects with tailor-made elements, both of which would not have been possible without the artisans who helped create them.

The original detailed rosette and hardware I found at the artisan’s showroom in Paris.

In the case of the first piece, I was working on a dressing area for a client in Baton Rouge, and had a very specific vision of the kind of drawer pull I wanted to use. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one to match the hardware I had in my minds’ eye.

It was during a trip to Paris, while touring the showroom of a longtime supplier that I came upon a beautiful, detailed rosette that seemed perfect. The problem: it didn’t have a handle. “But”, I thought, “couldn’t we make it into one?” I love a good challenge like that!

Thankfully, I’ve been working with the vendor for years, and they partnered with me to do just that. The result is the beautiful piece pictured here.

The finished dressing area with custom drawer pulls created for the piece.

When she saw it, my client said, “You wouldn’t find anything like that anywhere else,” and it makes me so happy to hear something like that.  It means I’ve done my job of creating something extraordinary and personal.  I believe it’s little details like a unique piece of hardware that you love, that you use every day, and see every day that make all the difference.

That was a small detail with a big impact. For another job, we created a bold and dramatic statement piece, drawing inspiration from the color of the client’s cookware.

The client’s Le Creuset pot and a sample of the blue enamel we created for the one-of-kind La Cornue.

An avid cook, this client loved the rich foam blue enamel of her Le Creuset cast iron pots. I wanted to integrate the color into the design, but in an unexpected, and special way.

My client ended up getting a piece that was unmistakably hers: a custom La Cornue range in the exact color of her cookware. (Which of course, would not have been possible without our great partners at La Cornue; they really rose to the challenge!)

The range was unlike any created, and I visited the plant to make sure production was going smoothly. It was such a treat to be a part of the process. The end result was the stunning range you see pictured here, which I can assure you, is the only one in the world!

To me, this is a perfect example of how, when St. Charles, a client, and our exceptional vendors work together, we can create truly special living spaces.

The finished range being installed


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