A Look into our Past

These colorful kitchens from the early 70s may not have adopted the newer trends of time, but the sink still works!


Forty-two years after installation, these retro green cabinets have passed the test of time.


We asked some of our oldest clients to submit photos of their functioning St. Charles kitchens with the initial intention of showcasing their longevity. What we received was a series of working homes that, in their refusal to surrender their aesthetic charm, still stand as testaments to the value of our product.



Updates to interior decor are born out of a need to replace something broken or malfunctioned. But when our St. Charles cabinetry refused the need to be replaced, the era-defining trends stay put.  After forty some years, these two homeowners find amusement and comfort within the charm of their 70s style kitchen and proudly proclaim its heritage as our own.


photo 2

“We absolutely LOVE our kitchen!” writes homeowner Jeanine Syska “It feels like we live in a work of art”.



The two vintage kitchens by St. Charles of New York serve as an homage to a more colorful era when vivid cabinetry was certainly a la mode. Unlike side burns and bell-bottoms, color in the kitchen did not entirely die with the decade. Our designers are proudly creating colorful kitchens every day!


An opaque blue sets the tone for this contemporary kitchen.

– For enquiries about the green kitchen seen above, please contact Shirley@partnernyc.com for more information.

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