Transitioning your Table into Autumn


Great hosts know that adapting the dining experience to the Autumn season requires more than a swap of gazpacho with tomato soup. The decor, tableware, and seasonal ambience must also follow suit.  Sending off Summer means readapting to city living, and calls for an entirely different experience too easily spoiled by the overwhelming desire to be back on the beach. The challenge of making your dining experience undergo a natural aesthetic transition in an urban space depends entirely on the approach.

Provided are three tips to help you highlight the positive aspects of the environment that you have at your disposal and enjoy Autumn indoors:

Ditch the nautical vibes.

Indigo dyed glassware set upon stark white linens is practically a tableware necessity when you have an equally eye-catching ocean as a backdrop. If you do not find yourself coasting the Caribbean this Fall, opt for an earthy green color scheme. Green hues tie into the feeling of being amongst nature. To complete, swap white with a warmer camel tone to serve as an ideal neutral foundation.

Use local elements within your decor.

Avoid pulling decorative elements from outside destinations, and work with your immediate surroundings. Try using urban-friendly foliage like sarracenias, which are as practical as they are beautiful. They eliminate the last of those pesky summer flies while simultaneously serving as a conversation piece.

Focus on the food.

The ingredients are the only part of the occasion that should actively exude autumn.  Focus on incorporating seasonal vegetables and nut-heavy salads into the meal. As a focal centerpiece, invest in a grandiose soup terrine. Pulling warm fall hues into the terrine is a plus.

mottahedeh soup terrines

Statement soup terrines by Mottahedeh

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